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I Have Chronic Illness. What Choice Do I Have?

tn_bigstockphoto_park_pathway_905581 For me, living with chronic illness for me has often brought up feelings of powerlessness. Michael J. Fox, who I absolutely respect and admire, said something that really moved and inspired me as he was promoting his last book.

As he moves into his life each day, he basically says that he doesn’t have a choice about whether or not he has Parkinson’s disease, but he has thousands of other choices he can make about his life for that day.

That reminded me to look at the choices I do have each day, rather than focus on the things I can’t choose. For me, each day can bring forward a different level of mobility, functionality, and physical status and on that particular day, I may not have a choice about that, but there are thousands of other choices I do have. If I look at today as I write this, on a 1-10 scale, 10 being perfect health, I would say I’m at about a 3.5 today. The 3 key questions I ask myself are:

1) What do I have to do today?

These are things that will have steep consequences that I don’t particularly want to deal with such as not showing up for my scheduled clients (which would not demonstrate good business practice or integrity). My clients would be upset and may decide to not work with me if I just didn’t bother to show up. I’m definitely up for my work with clients, so that is a “have to” along with items on my schedule that I can choose to do.

2) What can I delay or postpone?

As I look through my “have to” list or the things I have scheduled, I check to see what I can delay or postpone depending on how I’m feeling. For example, I need to take some items to the dry cleaners. Does that have to be done today? No. The world will not fall off of its axis if I wait another day or two, so I can choose to wait until tomorrow, the next day or even choose to ask my husband to do it.

3) What can I do today?

Now I can look at where I am and decide what I am really up for today. I can also choose to add some things that I actually want to do or enjoy doing. I’m a big “chat with my friends on the phone” person, so that is something I can do. I love movies, so watching one is something I can do today. I have many other things on that list.

These are all choices I can make and although my body “is how it is today”, I have a lot of freedom around me to make many other choices about the day and that reminds me of the tremendous power I do have in my life.

So, what choices can you make today?

Chronic Illness Can Really Suck!

bigstockphoto_sticking_out_tongue_4762341Yes, it can and there have been many days that I have woken up in the morning and thought “Oh crap…I still feel like this and it sucks!” And…that might be the best I can do in that moment.

So many spiritual books and teachers talk about affirmations and positive thoughts, and if we just say some affirmations and think those positive thoughts, through the law of Attraction, then we can actually heal. Well, I believe we can heal and healing can take place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically, as well as physically. Sometimes there is more to clear underneath at the subconscious level and a positive affirmation or two or even six is like throwing sugar on top of garbage. The sugar may be sweet, but the garbage is still there and if you imagine what happens to garbage when it is left to sit, it will not go unnoticed!

A great place to start if you wake up feeling like chronic illness sucks is to just let out the frustration about it and when you have moved some of that energy, then ask yourself if you can allow it to be as it is just for that moment. Being with “what is” the most powerful way to start creating an opening for change. If the “what is” is that the illness sucks, then just allow it to suck for that moment. When you allow it to be that way, just for the moment (not forever), you’ll be surprised at what opens up.