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What….Me Worry?

bigstockphoto_Pouty_Princess_1732299My lovely grandmother, Ann, was quite a worrier. She worried about so much, mostly about things that hadn’t even happened.  She worried about my mom, my uncles, my brother and me, my cousins. In her heart she loved us all and just wanted to make sure we were safe. When she died in 1990, one of my well-intentioned relatives turned to me and said that I would take her place as the family “worrier”.          Gee, thanks…. 

 It wasn’t quite the inheritance I was hoping for but it certainly was a piece of information for me to look at, which I unfortunately didn’t do for about 10 years.

 We were raised to worry about things. Our minds actually think that if we live in fear and worry, we are protecting ourselves in some way. I have had several coaching clients who didn’t know how they would manage life if they didn’t have fear and worry. They really thought that holding on to that energy was serving them in some way and could not think of living life without it. I would imagine that they would manage life with more peace, faith and ease if they learned to let go of that.

 Trying to feel safe is quite common among us. We want to achieve our goals, have good money, loving relationships, vibrant health, a lovely home, a fulfilling career, and avoid having “bad things” happen to us. We want to know that all will be well and tend to spend a lot of time preparing for things to go wrong, making sure we will be able to handle it and save ourselves.

 Yes, my family member was accurate in passing the fear and worry torch to me. Even at a young age, I was really good at it. My health was certainly an area of my life that gave me many opportunities to worry. On days when I was in a lot of pain, I worried that it would never end and when I was on an upswing, I worried that I would be in pain again. It was a never ending cycle!

Through my studies of Spirituality and particularly the Sedona Method®, I learned that fear and worry were not serving me in the way I thought they were. What I thought would protect me actually caused me more suffering. What good did it do me to worry or be afraid on days I felt sick? Did it contribute to my wellness, make me feel more hopeful or more positive, or keep me safe? No. It just sent me into a tailspin of negativity and suffering and the negative energy did not exactly bring good health my way.

When I learned to let go and release fear and worry, I felt more peaceful, more hopeful, and more positive and my health started to improve. I have used the techniques I learned in all areas of my life and feel more peaceful than I ever have.

So as much as I love and appreciate my grandmother and the love for her family that led her to want to protect us, I let go of the role of family worrier and much prefer the vibe of peaceful warrior.